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As necessary we engage with the 6 facets of policy, 5 phases of planning and 3 levels of decision-making in positioning constituent stakeholder groups by:

Diagnosing organization disconnect from business statements to market
Transforming groups to develop and grow
Enabling individuals to dare to step up to the extraordinary in contributing

Start The Journey With Our Significance For Success: An End-Game Reality Check

An Insightful Journey Of Discovery Of Up To Three Days

Our service offering is geared at acknowledging the extra-ordinary in otherwise “ordinary” organisations (the whole or in part), groups and individuals.

It’s about getting a handle on what make the business tick with purpose and accountability.

The programme is designed to cost effectively involve the Executive Leadership, Operations Management and staff in unearthing “extra-ordinary” gems in recommending “obvious” contextual change to strategically drive and operationally manage all resources in achieving significance in end game relationships while maintaining the integrity of the long term success aspired to.

Corporate Beneficiary/Fiduciary Relationships

Immediate outcomes include making “common sense” less scarce and day-to-day management more meaningful.

Our engagement builds upon the fundamental policy-driven beneficiary/fiduciary relationship inherent in all organisations.

This is a universal relationship which provides a common ground to look ahead and consider the relationships and associated roles to get there. 

These are two side of the same coin (organisation direction and individual roles) and, as such, buy-in and commitment are givens.

The above is participatory, issue-focused and customised to add client specific value.

Delivery is usually along the lines of non-typical reflective, company-specific team building/strategy sessions.

These can last up to three days; which days need not to be consecutive.

Corporate Politics And Policy

Irrespective of size or sector, the following principles apply in putting some oomph into corporate endeavour:

  • You are the one closest to your business
  • One often needs to consciously go back to basics in order to chart the road ahead – eg, to challenge group think and build on group cohesion
  • Team building should not be confused with character building
  • The more authentic the budgets are, the better.

Corporate endeavour is guided by policy. Politics and policy are siblings and not neutral – they are either for or against each other and their planning and decision-making cousins.

It should therefore not be surprising that individual negative politicking at any level can be destructive and undo otherwise good corporate policy, planning and decision-making processes and outcomes.

The duration and nature of the “up to three day delivery” depends on your requirements and the extent of the interrogations of the 6 facets of policy 5 phases of planning and 3 levels of decision-making.

6 Facets Of Policy

Five Phases Of Planning

Three Levels Of Decision-Making

Across the 3 levels of strategy to position the organisations crucial constituent stakeholder groups in mutually beneficial relationships.

The extra-ordinary requires the sustained management of loyal support and commitment from the constituent organisation stakeholders in getting and keeping their vote for the long haul.

This was the case at organisation’s conception and to suggest that it continues as a matter of course is like believing that common sense is common!

On the understanding that each knows their own business best, we work with you at harnessing institutional and personal know-how, expertise, experience and ability to strive for the extra-ordinary in realising “the within and between” potential to prosper.

The end-game reality check offering is about utilising our content to boost your organisation-specific context for significance in the integrity of the long terms success aspired to.

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Corporate Configurations Logo
  • Telephone: +27(0) 87 943 3800